New York is unique in it’s residential renovation history. Many of the homes we remodel were built in the 1880’s and updated most recently in the 1980’s. Whether it’s a dilapidated townhouse or factory to condo conversion, the bone structure is almost always there, but can be hard to visualize. We’ve collected a set of renovation before and after images to show just how transformative a remodel can be, use the slider to explore.


January 30, 2018

Brownstone, Then & Now

The definitive Brooklyn Dream: historic neighborhoods, friendly stoops, and multi-cultural communities, all backdropped by a patchwork of siennas, russets, and auburn homes. Brownstone has a rich history as a building material and has become an icon of New York City housing. As a non-renewable resource, it’s contemporaneous presence is either replicated or a historic remnant.


December 5, 2017

Good Dog Rosie

For as long as Hatchet Design Build has operated, we’ve run our mill-shop out of the office basement. Our master craftsman ran every job on a single table saw with limited space. In 2017, it became clear we were taking on more projects than our basement could fit, prompting us to expand not only our physical space by moving the shop to Industry City, but also our capabilities as a business by branching out our crafts people into a subsidiary company.

When it came to picking a name for our new entity, we wanted to pick something that embodied the spirit of our team. If you’ve ever come to our office, you’ve probably met our Principal Zach Rockhill’s blue heeler, Rosie. We think of Rosie as an embodiment of who we are as a company. We’re loyal, patient, playful and hardworking. Sure, Rosie only works hard at her Frisbee game, but we appreciate ethic where we see it. With that, we registered our company as Good Dog Rosie Millwork and Fabrication.