Over on Pulaski street where we restored a historic cornice, we also built a set of custom doors to go with the new façade. If you haven’t already checked out our post about the cornice restoration, you should definitely do so.

The doors, like the cornice and many other parts of the historic home, were in disrepair and they desperately needed of a facelift.

Old Pulaski doors.

Thanks to the infinite handiness of Josh, left, we created a set of mahogany doors that were new and updated. However, we made sure that they still fit in with the look of the rest of the house and neighborhood.

custom door install

Putting in the new doors.

custom doors

Josh admiring his handiwork.

Once we set in the doors, we added the newly carved details:

custom door details.

Embellishments on the doors.

Finally, we painted the whole thing to match the bright new façade.

Custom door completion.

Fresh new door!