• EST. 2014 •

Hatchet Design Build is a team of artists and builders based in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. We specialize in residential townhouse renovation, viewing each project as a collaborative artistic venture rather than a conventional home renovation. Our team of skilled project managers, fabricators, and craftspeople draws from diverse backgrounds in fine arts, design, and architecture. Considering our clients team members, we lead you through the entire renovation process, from concept to completion.



We Excel At Precise Attention To Detail,

not only in the blueprint to built-reality stage of construction but – of equal importance –  in our clarity of communication with clients, designers, and architects.  We have instituted management strategies and top of the line software to allow us to track a projects budgetary and scheduling success in real time.  That attention to detail has given Hatchet Design Build a proven track record of 100% client referral and zero instances of litigation.  We are unswerving in our devotion to preserving that record, guided by a core belief that the longer vision – often at odds with short term gains –  will set a solid and profitable foundation for the future.

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